Architectural Concept, Interior Design & Holistic Branding

The Medi-Peruvian Heaven meets the Cycladic light.

A straight line. Everything is about that straight line, the horizon line, the audio wave line that geometrically invades the ground on each floor, the “material joy production line”. Bebop is a style of jazz that first appeared in the 1940s, while Joomla is a Peruvian word that means nothing in particular and just paraphrases the Jungla track by Peruvian diva, Yma Sumac. At Bebop x Joomla, in Parikia, Paros, emblematic cocktails that stand out and precious flavor hues of Peruvian cuisine intersect in a place of unique aesthetic. Bebop x Joomla was created as a summer ode to multidimensional gastronomy experiences by the crystal-clear Aegean waters. The culture of fine dining & drinking, jazz music and the connection between civilizations compose the ideal scenery of pleasure, in a way that transcends the clichés and invents new variety and quality standards. The space, as an innovative amalgam of Cycladic architecture and Peruvian influences, was an inspiration of the creative agency Saint of Athens, executed by the architecture office Dive Architects. Minimalism, comfort and functionality are the main pillars of the project. Endless light, shades of white, wood, marble, carefully chosen design objects, custom made architectural pieces like the wall fixtures by sculptor George Tserionis or the tapestry depicting the wall of the Frankish castle, bespoke cushions, uniforms made by The Makers and, of course, the green corners successfully bring hip attitude one step closer to the island’s hospitality. Curated by Ilias Skoulas, the menu comes as a tribute to Peruvian cooking heritage, enriched with contemporary elements and new ideas guaranteeing the absolute eclectic taste effect. Bebop x Joomla is where everything serves a purpose and nothing occurs randomly. At last, Paros can brag about its own iconic temple of pleasures. Tzannis Kortianos and the plethoric Yma Sumac welcome us to an immersive experience. Ayayayayayay…


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