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Founded in 2014, Tserki is an iconic pastry shop in Paros, a point of reference regarding artisan confectionery. We took on the creating of a new space for it.  Paros was associated with flawless white long before the modern Cycladic whitewashed edifices, thanks to its famous marble, which inspired an unexpected fresh approach to the confectioner’s creative art and to the presentation of pastry. Our concept transcends time: Whether working with eternal marble or with ephemeral pastry, a creator is sculpting their way up to the desired form. What’s more, Paros natural landscape, with its molded rocky formations, is proof of time’s own sculpturing power. The result is a soft-white world, with a radiance reminiscent of how light goes through the Parian semi-transparent marble. This effect is created by the cave-like walls, built from sculptured tiles placed so as to let the light in. It feels like a giant work of sculpted art, paired with a small dividing wall that hosts white amphoras in a modern take. It took three months to create the plaster tiles that look like nestling in the curvy walls, composing that radiant jigsaw puzzle.  The space emits a sense of openness, complemented by the flowy cloths hanging from the ceiling. Inspired by boat sails, they add a feeling of floating, connecting time, art, and the eternal Aegean Sea, with their thread.

SAINT OF ATHENS / Concept & interior design DVMP ARCHITECTS / Architect GIAGKOS PAPADOPOULOS / Photography PANOS PROFITIS / Artworks AKIS KARAPETIS / Installation 


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