Branding, ID & Campaign

Jewels made of concrete, that transcend beauty norms. For Christina’s and Argyro’s creative venture, we came up with the name “EXURBIA”, an understatedly bold logo and a Brutalist icon, in order to express the brand’s urban-experimental attitude. Solid constructions, geometric forms and timeless materials reinterpret our view of contemporary minimalism and transform the cityscape into an art form. EXURBIA’s latest campaign followed the brand’s intrinsic concept: rectangular and boxy shapes in a black and white environment emit a sense of sophisticated simplicity that complements the luxurious casualness of the jewels. EXURBIA does not only represent a stylistic desire to capture and showcase beauty but something much more important; a cool and unapologetic way of living; the state of not being defined by rules.

                                                       GEORGE KAPLANIDIS / Photography EVA BALASI / Film Director                                                                                     


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