Architectural Concept, Interior Design & Holistic Branding

In a time where food culture keeps changing in search of a new originality, Carnivorus meat restaurant came as the appropriate answer to those who doubted the relevance of high-quality and properly cooked meat. For Carnivorus in Nea Ionia, we came up with a modern brand identity that permeates its logo, interior design and collateral materials. A raw -discretely playful- aesthetic, modernist elements like wood, cement and metal, along with an industrial feel form an inviting, minimalist space inspiring calmness and relaxation. The illustrated details add a humorous and artistic sense to the whole project. The creative goal was to invent a low-key yet impressive environment (both literal and metaphorical) in which the product serves as the prominent factor while everything else complements it.

SAINT OF ATHENS / Concept & interior design DIVE ARCHITECTS / Architect GIAGKOS PAPADOPOULOS / Photography

Carnivorus cover Carnivorus5158 g ger Carnivorus5178 g Carnivorus5176 g ger Dsc 2547 g ger Carnivorus5196 g ger Carnivorus5208 g Carnivorus5177 g ger Carnivorus5181 g Carnevorus sousplat 1 Carnivorus5234 g ger Carnivorus5270 g Carnivorus5251 g ger
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