Visual Campaign

The Marble Bodies. Nikos returns to prominence by connecting today to a gloriously primordial sense of the past. The new Nikos campaign is fundamentally based on the eternal element of body beauty as it has been depicted through the ages with the use of marble. Dionyssos-Pentelicon Quarry served as the ideal location for this project. With a modern activity of almost two hundred years and a long history of awe-inspiring symbolisms, it evokes that special gravitas high aesthetics is all about. After all, it is the same place to which the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Propylaea, the Temple of Olympian Zeus and many other important landmarks owe their most crucial material - marble.

NIKOS PALEOLOGOS / Creative director JOHN MITROPOULOS / Photographer YIORGOS TSOMEZIDES / Art Director GIAGOS PAPADOPOULOS / Photographer Assistant MORFE A. MENI / Hair & Make Up artist

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