Branding, ID & Packaging

For premium café  COFFEE HAUNT we envisioned a minimalist rebranding that entails a plethora of materials ranging from the logotype and the corporate identity to the environmental branding and the packaging. Our work focuses on the ability of visual communication to transform the perception of a brand through mild yet explicit interventions. Acclaimed visual artist Greg Papagrigoriou, known for his collaboration with brands like NIKE and CHANEL, has graced COFFEE HAUNT with an abstract, custom design which infuses the brand’s image with an artistic element that results in a distinct and memorable identity. Smart design, discreet forms and a humorous verbal approach are our strategic means toward creative brand reinvention.


Coffee haunt Gif 2 Coffee hunt4176 g Coffee haunt poster Coffee hunt4185 g Coffee hunt4139 g Coffee hunt4103 copy Coffee hunt4217 g Coffee hunt4213 g Coffee hunt4187
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